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You can often see Roland on the market where he chooses the best fish, the best vegetables and the best meat for his kitchen, recipes from all over Europe with a Swiss touch. All wines (over 100) in our letter have exceeded 90 points in the Penin and Parker guide.

Choosing the right wine for each dish is a complicated task. Current trends tell us that no flavour, neither the wine nor in the food, should dominate over another. Delicate flavours should be accompanied by equally delicate wines so that both can fully express themselves.

We offer a little advice that we consider to be a general guide when it comes to choosing the best match for your favourite foods:

  • Dry wines before sweet winws.
  • White wines before reds.
  • Light-bodied wines before full-bodied wines.

With meals:

  • White wines for cold dishes, hot sartters containing fish, hen or other poultry with light sauce.
  • Red wines for main courses comprising meat or poultry with dark sauce.
  • For desserts, a sparkling wine or champagne, or perharps a fruitier Marlasa wine or generoso wines.
Some of the fovorite Spanish wines of Helen and Roland are:
Goldelia Blanco sobre Lías 2010 D.O. Bierzo │ Ferratus 2006 D.O. Ribera del Duero │ Roda I Reserva D.O. 2004 Rioja


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea

    Cold startes

    It begins with our selection of cold dishes.

    Mixed Salad

    Salad D´els Artistes
    (with smoked Duck Magret, foie gras and Quail eggs)

    Tomato with Mozzarella

    Avocado pear and Surimi with Mustard sauce

    Beefcarpaccio with Parmigiano

    Serranoham cured from Salamanca

    Melon with cured Serranoham

    Tartar of Salmon

    Homemade Duckliver (Foie Gras) with Moscatel

    Carpacico of Salmon

    Salad Tierra Mar (with Serranoham and smoked Salmon)

    * * *


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea

    Warm startes

    Savor the delicious hot dishes.

    Snail from Burgundy au gratin(6 units.)

    Snail from Burgundy au gratin(12 units.)


    Slmondsoup with sweed garlic and Coriander

    Spaghetti Bolognese

    * * *


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea


    Taste our delicious meats.

    Pork Sirloin with Mushroom Creamsauce

    Chickenbreast with Currysauce with coconutmilk and ginger

    Duck Magret with Portsauce

    Entrecôte with Greenpeppersauce

    Entrecôte (250gr) with “Café de París” buttersauce

    Baked lamb with Aromatic Herbs

    Veal with Forest Mushrooms

    Mixed grill (combination of 5 grilled prime cut meats)

    Grilled Beef Sirloin

    * * *


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea


    Enjoy a delicious fish.

    (our fish is fresh and seved without bones, the choice of fish can vary according to the fishing of the day)

    Turbot with Langoustinesauce

    Seabass in Rougailsauce

    Dorada with Rioja Red Winesauce

    Filet of salmon with Aromatic sauce

    Duo of Fish (Seabass y Dorada)

    * * *


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea


    Ends sweeten your palate.

    Chocolatemousse with cream and vanilla

    Orange Crème Brulee with vanilla icecream

    Gazpacho of red fruit with vanilla ice

    ‘Dame Blanche’ Cup (vanilla, chocolate, cream)

    Meringue d’Els Artistes with vanilla and cream

    Strawberry cup with vanilla-ice and cream

    Tsarina Cup (vodka sorbet ice-cream)

    Ice ‘Parfait’ Baileys liquor

    Raspberry or Lemon Sorbet

    Cup Limoncello (Sorbet Lemon Liqueur Limoncello)

    Irish Coffee

    Cup Bounty coconut ice and hot chocolate

    Coupe Baileys (old Baileys ice, liquer, cream)

    Cup General vanilla ice + whisky

    Pana Cota raspberry sauce

    Cheese cake fruit sauce

    * * *


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea

    Seafood menu

    Carpaccio of Salmon
    * * *

    Turbot with Langoustines with sauce ‘Americaine’
    * * *

    Seabass and Dorada Mediterranean Style
    * * *

    Homemade dessert
    * * *

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  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea

    Menu D'els Artistes

    Homemade Foie Gras en Moscatel
    * * *

    Variacion of 3 Fish
    * * *

    Lemon Cava Sorbet
    * * *

    Beef Fillet with Forest Mushroom
    * * *

    Homemade dessert
    * * *

    Mínimo 2 personas


  • Restaurante Los Artistas Altea

    Chef Menu

    Salad with Foie Gras and Smoke Duck Magret
    * * *

    Fresh Scallops and Langoustines
    * * *

    Grilled Turbot Rougail
    * * *

    Lemon Cava Sorbet
    * * *

    Filet of Veal with Morillesauce
    * * *

    Homemade dessert
    * * *

    Mínimo 2 personas


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